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What is A Transaction Broker?


A Transaction Broker- is a Real Estate Broker or Real Estate Agent acting on behalf of their Broker, in a Non-agency relationship that does not represent either party that is involved in the transaction.


Normally for a Flat Fee- they usually just handle the Sales and Purchase Agreement and other items already disclosed. These relationships vary considerably from state to state, both as to the duties owed to the consumer and the name used to describe those practicing it.


Why Do We Offer This? As with our Flat Fee MLS Service, we  want to be there for you, the consumer! We understand that not everyone can afford to pay a full service real estate fee. We wanted to find a way we could still be of service to you.

With the financial mess that our country is in right now some people just don't have the equity in their homes to pay a full service real estate fee, or better yet maybe you just dont want to pay a real estate fee. We believe you have the right to sell your own home and we just want to help make sure you get it done right!


We are here to Help!


The Best Part is the Price! Just $995


Now, you might be asking yourself, why would I spend nine hundred ninety five dollars just to have someone write my sales contract?


For a Seller- Have you really thought about if you failed to disclose facts to your Buyer what it could really mean to you? Does selling your house warrant you and your family facing a lawsuit simply because you forgot to tell the buyer something about the property you sold to them? Better yet, you just didn't know you had to tell them about something with the house you thought was totally irrelevant to the sale. It could be something as simple as repairs that you had completed to improve the property or an addition that was done before you bought it, or even an encroachment that has been there for years. Did you know that certain items must be in a contract to even make it legal? Lets face it, we live in a sue happy society. There are people out there looking to sue someone simply thinking its a get rich way of doing things.... Don't let it happen to you.  

Now, no one can guarantee that this won't happen to you, but, we sure can help put safeguards in place to help make sure it doesn't. Think about it, can you really afford not to have all this expertise on your side not to mention a legal binding contract? What about if  


For A Buyer- When you go to buy your next house don't you want to be sure that you are really buying that house and not the run down house two doors down! That's right, be sure you get what you are paying for. If your sales agreement does not have certain legal items in it, this could happen to you. Not only that, would'nt  you want to be sure that you know everything there is to know about the house BEFORE you buy it. Don't wait until after you close and move in to find out the seller didn't tell you everything they knew. Now, there is no guarantee that you will ever know everything about the house but we will help find out some of the more important items that you normally wouldn't know about. So really, does $995 sound like very much to invest now? Isn't it great to know you too can have the security involved with such a big investment?


One Small Fee Paid At Closing

  • Their Is No Risk!
  •  If It Does Not Close For Any Reason.
  • You Dont Pay Us Anything!


Call Us Today at (706) 221-1535 to find out how you to can sign up, or just pay below and we will call you!


You Can Now Sign Up and Pay For These Incredible Services Right Here, Right Now!


In Most Cases, We Will Be At Your House Within 24 Hours After You Pay Here!


Flat Fee Listing-Pay Now

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